trade shows

Imperial Events Security Services, LLC


Whether it's a one hall show or a full facility trade show, the IESS team is versed in all types of shows and the nuances that come with them. IESS can provide badge checkers, dock security, rovers, ticket takers, booth security, registration personnel, etc.


We are equipped to handle any size festival or outdoor event with not only the staff, but necessary resources as well. We can deploy golf carts, bicycles, and even a mobile command center, ensuring the security of your event is managed at a high level. This sets us apart from other event security companies.

IESS can handle any size event from a 1 day show, to a 3 day concert. Our staff is experienced enough to handle everything from parking, ticket taking, and bag checks, to stage security and VIP protection.


As the primary event security services provider in the Convention Centers we serve, IESS is a uniquely qualified and experienced in all types of conventions. We work closely with our clients to develop and execute a security plan that meets their needs.